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We have deep experience in shipping:

  • 1General
  • 2High valued
  • 3Refrigerated
  • 4Liquid & Bulk
  • 5Dangerous
  • 6Heavy & Oversized
  • 7Steel coils
Delivering to any point within a given area
  • Door to door. Transport is organized from the place of loading directly to the final destination.
  • Flexibility. It is possible to choose a new, optimal route in case of unexpected situation during transport.
  • Versatility. Modern trucks allow the transport of various types and volumes of cargo, including hazardous and oversized goods.
  • Capacity. Urgent orders can be accommodate quickly.
  • Traceability. Tracking tools allow cargo location to be updated in real time, thereby facilitating just-in-time planning.
  • Availability. Loading and unloading are possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Dependable capability
  • Low unit cost. The longer the distance, the lower the cost of transportation.
  • Weight capacity. Delivery of a large volume of goods is possible.
  • Standardized rolling stock. There are ample opportunities to accommodate heavy and oversized cargo.
  • All – weather delivery. It is possible to deliver goods in almost all weather conditions.
  • Traffic regularity. The accuracy of rail scheduling makes projecting delivery time very reliable.
  • Environmentally friendly. Electrified rail transport does not produce emissions harmful to the atmosphere.
Reliability and quality
  • Cost effective. Sea is the lowest-cost transport mode over long distances.
  • Accessibility. Intercontinental shipping is possible.
  • Versatility. It is possible to ship loads of any kind, including heavy and bulky goods.
  • Security. Containers ensure complete security during shipping and delivery.
  • Efficient transshipment. Standardized intermodal containers make loading and unloading operations easier.
  • Punctual shipment. Standardized intermodal containers make loading and unloading operations easier.

Trade services

An extension of your business

Saurena UAB is an international non-ferrous metals trader. We offer a full range of services with the global flow of goods. We implement turnkey projects and handle all aspects of associated transactions, including searching for suppliers, selecting efficient products and trade schemes, and consulting on infrastructure use. Our traders have more than 10 years’ experience.

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